New Patients. How?

When you sign up for ResDent you get the opportunity to get a steady stream of new patients who need your dental sleep medicine expertise.


Patients order Sleep Studies online

We focus on patient experience. Who has time these days to go in and stay overnight when you can do a test from the comfort of your own home? We send the sleep study directly to our patients within a day, and the results are available the day after performing the test.


Patients receive their results

Once the results are ready our sleep experts take a look at the results and recommend a course of action to our patients. Patients can elect to have a video consultation or book in with our dentists should their results suggest dental treatment


Patients book directly with you

We send your patient directly into your ResDent dashboard. You can start treating patients sooner with access to these patients.

On average a patient is worth $4500 in their lifetime with a practice. That is a whole lot of value!

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