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Dental Sleep Medicine

Engineered for dental professionals

Online Education

We have courses and online training modules for everyone with free courses included. Day 1 to Sleep Medicine expert in no time at all!

New Patients

No more unnecessary marketing spend. We integrate into your practice management system and send you new patients

Screening & Diagnosis

Order any level of Sleep Study through our dashboard or mobile application in less than 10 seconds. All tests are scored and GP referrals done

It’s All About...

  • Becoming a dental sleep master
    We educate you on everything from identifying potential patients who are good candidates for sleep studies to treating patients successfully with mandibular advancement devices
  • Developing a new sub-specialty in dental sleep medicine
    We give you access to the right devices required to order sleep tests through our intuitive mobile apps and web based dashboards
  • Increasing revenue in a new speciality
    Once you're a master, we allow patients to book directly into your practice management tool. New patients without the marketing spend.

1 Billion People Worldwide Need You...

We need qualified dentists like you to help treat the sleep epidemic
15% Sleep Apnea Prevalence

on the rise due to an aging population and obesity

90% remain undiagnosed

the number of sleep apnea sufferers is increasing daily

Aggravates chronic conditions

such as hypertension, diabetes and atrial fibrilation


Courses For Beginners To Sleep Masters...

Certificate in Dental Sleep Medicine

Start this university standard course today with two of the best lecturers in the field leading your introduction to dental sleep medicine. After completing this course you will have an intricate knowledge of the fundamentals of sleep medicine and you will be capable of prescribing oral appliances for your patients.

Advanced Certificate in Dental Sleep Medicine

With a combination of some the experts in sleep medicine from around the world this course not only brings you top quality content from latest research but takes you through a multitude of real life cases. As you work through these case studies you will begin to understand more about the nuances of treating patient suffering from OSA.

The Business of Dental Sleep Medicine

This course conclusively takes you and your team through identifying patients with sleep apnea from within your own clinic, finding patients from key referrers, converting patients from diagnosis to treatment and pricing of your products and services.


per month

Get your first month FREE and if you don’t receive at least one case through referral or direct booking in the first 12 months, we will refund your baseline subscription for that year.

Your subscription to Resdent App includes:

Free patient bookings
Digital lab case submissions
Lab communication
Referrals stream
Patient communication
Level 2 sleep studies referral
Sleep study and sleep report management
Titration management

Optional Add-ons

Level 2 sleep 
studies resale facility
Case study mentoring
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