The features you need, to run your dental sleep practice

One of the challenges in dental sleep medicine is once you’ve completed your training all the tools you need are disjointed and hard to piece together. We’ve solved this problem by putting everything in one place.
Group 6

Free patient bookings

We bring patients to you through a number of channels. They will book in with you to have an oral appliance fitted.

1. Patients searching for sleep appliances find us online

2. Patients find a location near them

3. Patients book in

Group 8

Digital lab case submissions​

Submit your lab cases online through one platform.

NightOwl add-on

Small, incredibly accurate and the most cost effective way to screen and titrate your patients.

Group 9


Send patients to other sleep health professionals and enable them to refer to you. This dedicated referral pathway helps all sleep health professionals better manage the patient journey and gets you more patients.​

Group 22

Patient communication

Keeping the patient updated on the status of their case helps you improve the journey for them. It also will help reduce staff costs in booking patients in.

Group 4

Patient bookings

Because we want to grow your sleep medicine practice we advertise directly to patients and let them know the benefits of the services you provide. Patients book directly in with you for treatments.

Group 21

Level 2 sleep referrals

Send a request to our third party level 2 providers so patients can complete overnight, at home, sleep studies. In some regions these sleep studies are reimbursed. Our easy access framework helps you to gain access for your patients simply.

Group 20

Sleep study and sleep report management

Have all your sleep reports and assessments in one place. We integrate with a whole bunch of great tools and service providers. The good news is that it is all ready to go for you and you can track it all in one place.

Group 16

Lab communication


Communicate in real time with the lab. If there are any questions or concerns with your lab case, having this fast and easy to manage communication channel speeds up manufacturing and delivery time of your cases.

Group 19

Titration management


We allow you to customise protocols that help you achieve maximum efficacy with ultimate comfort for your patients. Set it all up from the get go and track improvements of your prescribed therapies in real time.

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