ProSomnus® EVO™ Sleep and Snore Device

Introducing ProSomnus EVO, the first OAT device to incorporate advanced materials, manufacturing robotics and artificial intelligence to advance the treatment of OSA

For Preferred OSA Therapy

New MG6™ Technology | ISO 10993 Compliant | BPA Free | Less Porous, Biocompatible And Hygienic | Proprietary Engineering And Manufacturing
  • Patients prefer EVO to their CPAPs and legacy OAT devices in a controlled IRB Study.
  • Providers prefer EVO’s ease of delivery, material flexibility, increased durability and precision customization.
  • Physicians prefer EVO’s effectiveness, with MG6™ technology that promotes adherence and mitigates side effects.
  • Payers prefer EVO’s economics, featuring a low-cost profile over a three-year period and a best-in-class warranty.

Features and Benefits of EVO

A Trusted Device

It's a Digital Revolution

High Performance, Medical Grade Class VI Material

  • 10x more durable
  • 51% more flexible
  • Biocompatible and stain resistant

Artificial Intelligence Driven Device Design

  • True anatomical splint design
  • Low profile, optimized for durability and comfort
  • Precision transfer of target bite position
  • Easy to personalize

Robotic Milling Manufacturing

  • Accurate, microns versus millimeters
  • Repeatable, predictable and consistent
  • Efficient and dependable treatment
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