NightOwl Mini



The multi-night, fully disposable HSAT.

  • 1 device capable of up to 12 nights of testing
  • FDA cleared and validated against PSG for accuracy
  • Based on Peripheral Arterial Tonometry (PAT) according to AASM guidelines

The NightOwl sleep apnea testing device is the smallest, accurate sleep testing device in the market.

The NightOwl has TGA, FDA, CE and HSA registrations in different markets around the world for diagnosing sleep apnea. This product is the perfect tool for those wanting to test their patients for obstructive sleep apnea and who want to provide a great patient experience.

The photoplethysmogram contains information of four independent physiological indicators of a sleep apnea event:

1.Oxygen (de)saturation – SpO2

2.Heart rate


4.Vasoconstriction – a PAT analysis

What can you do with this device?

This device is perfectly geared for running a complete dental sleep solution within your practice. The NightOwl will help you screen, diagnose and treat dental sleep patients in your practice. It is one of our recommended clinic essentials to run the best dental sleep practice you can.

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