Certificate in Dental Sleep Medicine


Certificate in Dental Sleep Medicine is an Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine 

By A/Prof Michael Stubbs, Specialist Oral Medicine

 and Dr Linda Schachter, sleep and respiratory physician

Start this university standard course today with two of the best lecturers in the field leading your introduction to dental sleep medicine. After completing this course you will have an intricate knowledge of the fundamentals of sleep medicine and you will be capable of prescribing oral appliances for your patients.

This is the first step in becoming a dental sleep master and will be the backbone of your education and development in the dental sleep medicine space. This course will provide the prerequisite learnings for the advanced dental sleep medicine course and the masters course in dental sleep medicine.

You will also be provided with a direct line of contact with the courses lecturers and be able to attend webinars, Q and A sessions and be involved in peer groups and case reviews. The Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine gets you start on an exciting journey into treating patients with sleep disordered breathing.

Total time – 16 hours content, 8 hours practical application

Module 1: What is sleep apnoea: Sleep physician, Dr Linda Schachter takes you through the basics of sleep apnea as a pathology.

Module 2: Signs and symptoms of sleep apnoea:  This module takes you through what a patient presents with at a primary care level and what are the typical signs and symptoms.

Module 3: Health risks of sleep apnoea: This module explains the short and long term health impacts of the condition.

Module 4: How to diagnose sleep apnoea: This module aids you in being able to successfully understand the diagnosis process, read sleep reports and help initiate treatment plans for the patient.

Module 5: Tools to diagnose Sleep apnea: We take you through the different tools you have available to you to diagnose sleep apnea

Module 6: Interpreting a sleep study: This module takes a detailed look at sleep reports and what we need to look out for when reading them.

Module 7: Treatment of sleep apnoea: This module takes a look at all the treatment options for patient diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Module 8: Sleep apnea and Oral medicine: This course explains the important principles of what snoring and sleep apnoea are; This includes the physiology associated the causes of Snoring and Sleep Apnoea. This presentation provides you a structure to assess the medical history of your patients and the possible relationship to sleep apnoea.. A Quiz for self assessment  is provided

Module 9: Assessing the patient: This module explains how we assess a patient for snoring or sleep apnoea and in particular the current treatment options for these patients. A Quiz for self-assessment is provided

Module 10: Treating the patient: This module explains how a Mandibular Advancement splint works and clinical criteria you can use as a dentist to assess if a patient may have sleep apnoea or just snoring

Module 11: Treating the patient, practical application: This module comprises of a video of the assessment of a patient chair side and the questions you ask a patient to determine suitability for a Mandibular Advancement splint.  The clinical step by step process of taking an impression and taking of records to determine the protrusive range of the patient’s mandible. How you fit a device and how and what you say to instruct a patient on how to use and care for their device

Module 12: The tools you need and business considerations for dental sleep medicine practitioners

This module takes you through what tools you need to be an effective dental sleep medicine practitioner, how to market to your existing patients this new service, how to attract new patients from key referrers. This module effectively helps you turn what you’ve learnt into $200 000 to $500 000 in additional revenue for your clinic per year.

Learning outcomes 

Principles of obstructive sleep apnea

After completion of the course you will understand the principles behind aetiology and pathology of obstructive sleep apnea. This will give you the backbone to identify and treat patients with sleep disordered breathing.

Identifying, screening and diagnosing patients

The starting point to any good dental sleep practice is to be able to identify patients from the waiting room to the chair in clinic. This will help build your dental sleep database and begin to gain vital experience in treating patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

Getting referrals

You will learn how to approach key referrers and how to partner with them effectively to improve your patient case load.

Bite registration and fitting of oral appliances for OSA

You will be able to perform a full bite registration, ordering the appropriate mandibular advancement device for your patients and troubleshooting when fitting the oral appliance.

Titration of mandibular advancement devices 

You will learn to use objective data to adjust the mandibular advancement device for optimal airflow

troubleshooting patients on and prior to treatment 

You will learn what to look for and other treatments that may be provided before and after treating a patient with a mandibular advancement device.

Setting up your sleep medicine business

You’ll learn how to start getting patients, the things you need to start with to be successful in dental sleep medicine and engaging your team in the dental sleep part of your business.




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