Advanced Certificate in Dental Sleep Medicine


Total time – 16 hours content, 12 hours of practical application

With a combination of some of the leading experts in sleep medicine from around the world this course not only brings you top quality content from latest research but takes you through a multitude of real life cases. As you work through these case studies you will begin to understand more about the nuances of treating patient suffering from OSA.

This course is more than just applying the theory you’ve learnt at introductory level, you will leave this course understanding treatment requirements for different diagnosis of sleep disordered breathing and how to better work as part of a multidisciplinary team.

You will finish this course one step closer to becoming a dental sleep master.

Advanced Certificate in Dental Sleep Medicine Modules

Associate Professor Michael stubbs – 3 hours content

  1. Sleep Bruxism
  2. Temporomandibular disorders and Sleep disordered breathing
  3. Complications associated with a Mandibular Advancement splint
  4. Dealing with clinical complications in patients with a mandibular Advancement Splint
  5. Screening your patient

Dr Linda Schachter – 3 hours content

  1. How to improve sleep
  2. A summary of other sleep disorders
  3. An overview of using CPAP and troubleshooting problems
  4. An approach to the sleepy patient
  5. Determining treatment options from sleep studies

Dr Lye Kok Weng – 2 hours content – 2 hrs practical

  1. Maxillofacial interventions in treating obstructive sleep apnea
  2. Special interest topic
  3. Case study 1
  4. Case study 2

Dr Kenneth Oo – 2 hours content – 2 hrs practical

1. “Surgical interventions for OSA”
2. “Snoring to OSA-A Continuum”
  1. Case study 1
  2. Case study 2

Case Studies 6 hours content – 8 hrs practical This section of the course will vigorously test your knowledge in the field. You will need to practically apply your knowledge through a problem based learning approach. You will be tested on a number of diagnostic and therapeutic parameters, asked to interpret results and create treatment plans for real life patients.

You will apply your knowledge on:

Treating different levels of sleep apnea, assigning appropriate therapies for different levels of sleep apnea, treating snoring, different types of diagnostic testing and what they indicate, CPAP, APAP, BiPAP, central sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea, TMD, bruxism, UARS, troubleshooting complex cases, overcome challenges with mandibular advancement devices, CPAP intolerant patient and MAD intolerant patients.

This course is focused on learning outcomes and as such we have focused in on helping you understand how to treat REAL LIFE PATIENTS.


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