ProSomnus® [CA] LP Sleep and Snore Device

The Only Low Profile Continuous Advancement OAT Medical Device For OSA.

ProSomnus [CA] LP is the only low profile Continuous Advancement OAT Medical Device for OSA

In addition to the ProSomnus platform advantages such as fewer side effects, biocompatible hygienic material, impression-free digital replacements and device customizations, [CA] LP uniquely offers clinicians precision Continuous Advancement without compromising patient comfort. ProSomnus [CA] LP utilizes proprietary technologies to resolve the archform asymmetries, manufacturing variances, bulkiness and other device design limitations of traditional dorsal style Continuous Advancement devices.

Features and Benefits of [CA] LP

A Trusted Device

It's a Digital Revolution

Today, a full arch of teeth can be scanned along with a protruded, open bite and sent digitally to ProSomnus, where a precision designed CAD/CAM oral sleep appliance can be milled and finished without a model to fit and function like never before.

Take a giant step toward better patient health: Join the digital revolution with ProSomnus and enjoy a more fulfilling and less stressful practice and an optimized patient experience.

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